Welcome to R.Jenkins Brands.

One creative entity, with three factions that have been finely tuned to correlate your every design need with fluid transitions from imagined concept to manifested creation.

R. Jenkins Brands has an unparalleled connection and unique perspective with aesthetic and design that continues to embrace a commitment to creatively foster expansion, growth, recognition, and success.

Innovative Design Style (IDS) is a full service creative agency specializing in visual images for print and web.

IDS is well versed in the principles of planning, communication, control and working towards concise agreed upon goals and design accountabilities. IDS will facilitate multiple relationships within any project—whether with clients, team members, firm principals or any variety of partners—functioning as the hub of any creative project.

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Fine Art. Abstract. Signature.

Fueled by a desire to exhibit and make available to motivated buyers some of her most impassioned work to-date, R.Jenkins’ abstract art is a medium that can neither be silenced, or muted, especially when so many not only “get it”, they want it, and eagerly anticipate the newest releases.

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R.Jenkins Design

Original Design. Passionate Innovation.

As an artist, entrepreneur, and creative visionary, R.Jenkins focuses her efforts on developing exciting, original projects, each having an appeal to audiences nationwide. Through creative application of artistic expression, this mission is infused with significant visual articulation in all projects involving graphic design, business marketing, and fine arts as well as in nonprofit collaborations.

R.Jenkins Design Shop Opening Winter 2017